01/20/19 @ Ventura San Antonio

Posted: January 13, 2019 in Current Events::

“The Regalia: Celebrate Life Fest” *SUNday 1/20/2019 at Ventura SATX Honoring ROYAL MINUS’ Sun Jalil Stewart and all the others that have died or been affected by gun violence.

Early event, Live Music 7pm – 11pm. Please note everyone is welcome to hangout after the music, bar curfew is 2am.

Entry: Sliding scale donation starting at $5. Ages 18+ Welcome.

7pm – DJ Pakman
7:45pm – IQ
8pm – Kree23
8:15pm – Mex Step
8:30pm – Awdazcate
8:45pm – Evolve
9pm – SameDfrnc
9:15pm – Apaso
9:25pm – Walter Perry – Guest Speaker
9:30pm – Vader Dan
9:45pm – Mad One
10pm – Killa Kali
10:15pm – Royal Minus
10:30pm – 11pm – DJ Notion

Jalil 20 Scholarship Fund information:

Jalil Legacy Scholarship. One young male will receive funds to go towards furthering their education. We will help them every step of the way from signing up, to financial aid,picking classes, etc.

You need to send in at least a 5min (no longer than 10min) video explaining why you should get the scholarship to yamakimar@gmail.com and subject line needs to say Jalil20

There will be a deadline of January 11, 2018 for all videos to be submitted.

Three finalists will be picked and the winner will be revealed January 20th at “The Regalia Celebrate Life Fest” Honoring Jalil Stewart at Ventura SATX…

We will be having a raffle of goods and services, tickets will be $3.00 each payable via #cashapp and #paypal or cash at the club. If you have something you can donate for the raffle, please contact Minus or Sherril.


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