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Friday April 22
@ Project Row HousesHouston, TX

Sunday April 24
@ Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex – San Antonio, TX

Tuesday April 26
@ Kiva Lounge & Bar – San Marcos, TX

Wednesday April 27
@ The GatsbyAustin, TX

* The Rapper with the most chords releases his first vocal album in five years. Count Bass D’s latest effort, ‘Instantly New’ is just that – a fresh approach to the sound he’s been shaping for the past 2 decades – paired with a distinct presentation.

Embracing his gospel roots, “Instantly New” showcases the ability of the Rapper-songwriter to meld R&B, soul, funk & rap to craft hiphop hymns. Consider it modern day folk music for everyone from the pews to the bar stools.

Always ahead of the curve (even his own) Count Bass D will be on a US tour performing his hits both “Instantly New” and old!

2015 marked two decades since Count Bass D’s debut, Pre-Life Crisis, hit the scene. Since then, the self-described “Fender Rhodes Scholar” has augmented his skills as a multi-instrumentalist by truly mastering the art of sampling as well as the art of intellect. Of the start of career he has said, “my goal was to show that hip-hop had so much diversity and we could consider it a legitimate art form.” And over the past 20 years he has proven just that through his ability to push the envelope both sonically and lyrical on records like Dwight Spitz (2002), BegBorrowSteel (2003) and Act Your Waist Size (2006); instrumental gems like Ear Regardless (2007), Handshake Vs Dap (2014), and Cloak & Dapper (2015); and through collaborations with some of hips hop’s most creative and avant-garde artists: MF Doom, J Rawls, Edan, and Blueprint to name a few.

Despite his impressive catalog, it’s historically been rare to find Count Bass D consistently on tour. That is, until he teamed up with perennial road warriors Blueprint and DJ Rare Groove in 2014 on the highly regarded “Respect The Architect Tour”. The experience proved to be pivotal on many levels, the most important of which is the promise that 2016 holds a new full length album and accompanying 70 city tour entitled, Instantly New!