11-24-12 @ Hi-Tones – San Antonio – CHISME CD RELEASE PARTY

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Saturday Nov. 24, 2012
@ Hi-Tone’s
621 E. Dewey
San Antonio, TX 78212


Copies of the new CD “In One Ear, Out The Other, will be available at the show.

CHISME (pronounced chees-meh) is the spanish word for gossip. CHISME is a live hip-hop band anchored by the songwriting of R.e.L (Ariel Faz) and the production of Progeny (Erick Frias). They feature live instrumentation with Progeny on MPC-1000 and R.e.L manning the turntables and delivering the witty rhymes he is known for. All songs are accentuated by the percussion of Chadwick Gonzales and the piercing scratches from a number of guest DJs. They open the stage to other local musicians, who do guest appearances throughout the set. CHISME is part of TX independent label Acquired Taste Preferred.

They received the 2012 San Antonio Current’s Music Award for Best Hip-Hop group. Their debut album Storytellers, released in January of 2011, won critical acclaim. CHISME received the San Antonio Current’s 2012 Music Award for Best Hip-Hop group. A California and Texas tour gave them plenty of stage time and helped to solidify their live show. Performances at Fiesta del Mercado, Luminaria Arts Festival, and Una Noche de La Gloria help make them hometown heros. CHISME is releasing a much anticipated EP In One Ear and Out the Other in November of 2012.


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